Ten Years a Celebrant!

On this day ten years ago the Attorney General’s Department saw fit to approve my application to become an Authorised Marriage Celebrant. Ten years ago? Geesh! That time has flown!

Since the 27th of August 2009, I’ve hitched almost 600 couples, I’ve helped others renew their vows, I’ve named babies, I’ve seen marriage equality achieved (hallelujah!) and I’ve seen trends such as mason jars, L.O.V.E letters and sand ceremonies come and go. I’ve seen the rise and rise of Tinder hook-ups, Instagram hashtags (and couple name generator apps), floral arches and ceiling installations, festoon lighting, neon signage, unplugged ceremonies, first looks and non-traditional ceremony venues like bars, distilleries, cellar doors and art galleries. I’ve mentored dozens of celebrants and I’ve won a few awards along the way, but most importantly, I’ve forged trusting relationships with many wonderful couples and close friendships with many industry folk.

I have loved working with happy couples and meeting proud and emotional parents. I have loved making people laugh and watching them cry. I have loved solving problems, dressing up, visiting beautiful venues, and observing talented creatives work their magic. I’ve always appreciated having the best seat in the house.

And so, to anyone who has hired me, recommended me, reviewed me, followed my socials, photographed or filmed me, thank you. To those of you who have spent too much time with me in photo booths, chatting on Messenger threads or carving up dance floors at industry events, sorry (not sorry).

And to my wonderfully supportive husband, thanks for holding down the fort on weekends, for always offering to pack and unpack my equipment from the boot and for having wine, vegetarian pasta and a listening ear at the ready when I return home from ceremonies and insist on reliving every moment.

2029 here I come!

Sal x