Are you a newly appointed Celebrant, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm, but not quite sure of the best way to get started in the wedding industry?  Or have you been around a while but are finding it difficult to gain traction in this highly competitive industry?

I offer private, face to face, coaching sessions to identify your business strengths and ways to capitalise on them, together with areas that are impeding your success. We'll discuss your communication style in terms of ceremony presentation and client interaction, your workflow management, administration and record keeping processes, your advertising and marketing strategies, wedding industry practices and much more. My fee is $150 per hour (additional travel fees may apply).

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Celebrant Testimonials…

As a fresh new Celebrant, I really struggled to find my own unique style. I had always been impressed with Sally’s style so I engaged her coaching and mentoring service. It was far more beneficial than I could have ever imagined! Her style and sophistication impressed me no end as she helped me simplify my approach and identify and embrace my own style.  Her relaxed but very caring nature enabled me to ask so many questions, and learn from her vast knowledge and experience. It became very obvious after meeting and working with her why she has been voted the 2018 Australian Celebrant of the Year!!

I am now a happy and busy Celebrant and I definitely owe much of this success to Sally.

I have said it before and I will say it again Sal, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! X Melanie Goldby-Foard (Melbourne)

I have been through intensive training with Sally for a year now and I feel so confident as a Celebrant because of her guidance. When I approached Sally for coaching, knowing very little and with much trepidation, I found that she has a way of teaching and inspiring in such a natural but very professional way. I live several hundred kilometres away from Melbourne but the travel to meet with Sal has been priceless. Nothing ever seems to be a bother for her and she is always so prompt in returning email questions and phone calls. She is even more prompt when she senses the need for a response to relieve anxiety. Amazing!  

I have seen many Celebrants in action but Sally has that extra special something that you can't put into words.  I have been privileged to take a behind the scenes look into Sally's ceremonies many times. This also reflects Sally's generous nature in sharing many of her professional secrets but also her competency in the extra time and attention needed for coaching in this situation. She has extensive knowledge of, and connections to, the industry and is so well respected. More importantly, she is willing to pass this knowledge on to newbies like me, which can only strengthen the industry as a whole.

Sally is not only the national Celebrant of the year but the best coach ever!

I still pinch myself to have been lucky enough to have Sally Hughes as my marriage celebrancy coach and mentor! Lisa Roden (Mildura)

It took me such a long time to find a celebrant that I could connect with, look up to and possibly learn from and most importantly, a celebrant who was on the same page as myself. After much research, a vision of loveliness finally appeared on my computer screen.  I knew instantly that Sally was the one I wanted to learn this amazing trade from.

Sally inspired me to be whoever I wanted to be and guided me in the right direction to find my own niche market. Nothing was too much to ask. Whenever I hit a snag Sally was right there, prodding me to keep going and giving me the confidence and assurance to know that I was indeed on the right track.   She knew how to work with me (as we all learn and discover things so differently), which is an art in itself.

I have been lucky enough to develop a strong celebrant career but Sally is always sitting quietly on my shoulder, encouraging me to be, quite simply, just me.  Not many people have that ability.

Sally you were the best mentor I could ever have asked for and I am so glad you found your way to my computer screen that day.

Sharon AKA Sharon the Celebrant (Melbourne)

I have been following Sally on all of her socials for a while (maybe a little bit of stalking in a good way). She is absolutely amazing. The way she conducts herself, her poise, her grace, the way she dresses, the energy she brings to her ceremonies is nothing other than exceptional. No wonder she is the best in Australia. She is also so humble, which I love.

I have just started our coaching program. Why? I think I am a good celebrant but I believe in greatness. Surround yourself and learn from the best of the best and that is Sally. I will take up as many coaching opportunities with Sally as possible in order to be just like her. I am in awe of this woman and can’t wait to be her little mini me. Gee Tankir (Melbourne)

Sally possesses every quality you would want in a great celebrant and coach. She is bright, professional, passionate and disciplined. Sally has answered all my questions, introduced me to her networking group of celebrants, provided me with samples of her documentation, given me tips on how to improve my website and my Facebook and Instagram pages. Sally also gave me the opportunity to spend a whole day observing her conducting her ceremonies. I have been really impressed with her warm personality, passion, energy and enthusiasm. Sally is a great coach and I would highly recommend her. Shideh Karimi (Melbourne)

Sally is extremely professional and she has the personality to go with it all. I’ve watched her weddings and she comes over so alive with enthusiasm. How could one go wrong when Sally’s coaching is so professional? All the boxes ticked. Loved it Sally and I learned heaps. Thanks again. Dianne Grewar (Perth)

I can’t thank Sally enough for the time and effort she spent helping me to improve celebrant business - most especially the areas of ceremony writing and presentation.   Even though I had over 50 weddings under my belt, I still felt that I could do better.  As a result of our sessions, I honestly believe I’m servicing my clients better, I'm working smarter and my ceremony presentation is far more engaging. Meeting with Sally Hughes was, and still is, the best business investment I have made. 

I encourage all Celebrants, new and experienced, to give Sal a call. You won’t regret it!    Anna (Melbourne)

Sally was very helpful and informative during our celebrant business session and I highly recommend her to current and future wedding celebrants. Kelly (Melbourne)

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WINNER ABIA Australian Marriage Celebrant of the Year

THREE TIME WINNER - ABIA Victorian Marriage Celebrant of the Year