JOSH + MEL - A Wedding in Warrandyte

Josh and Mel were married on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the beautiful Potters Receptions chapel in Warrandyte.  Their ceremony, much like their personalities, was relaxed and jovial.  

Mel's perfectly timed entrance to The Police's Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic was nothing short of fabulous.  From behind the heavy wooden double doors she entered on the arm of her father just as the music built to the song's explosive chorus.  The combination of the anticipation of her appearance, the bright sunlight that burst through the doorway and the revelation of a beaming bride was, to borrow from Sting's lyrics, "magic".  (If you're unfamiliar with the song, you must click the link.  Mel entered at the 35 second mark.)

Mel wore a magnificent Connie Simonetti couture gown, while Josh, the calmest groom I've ever known, looked dashing in his black, satin lapel suit. 

Together they stood with their seven attendants, relaxed and clearly enjoying themselves.  I told the story of Josh and Mel's memorable and rather humorous first meeting at Josh's family home, "matchmaker" Beth's success in uniting her brother and Mel, their mutual love of water skiing in Eildon (the location of their reception) and Josh's thoughtfully planned and highly romantic Rockpool proposal.

I loved how relaxed Mel and Josh were.  Every time I looked across to them, I was met with a grin, a laugh, or one of Mel's trademark smiles.

The ceremony was underscored by music - an idea that Josh and Mel proposed during our first meeting. Surprisingly, it didn't prove distracting, as was my initial concern, the soft accompaniment to the ceremony dialogue created a tranquil mood.  It was also reflective of their lifestyle.  Josh and Mel play music at their home 24/7 - yes, even their dreams have a soundtrack!

Mel's friend Danielle presented Union from 'The Beginning To End' by Robert Fulgham, while Josh's friend Evan read the lyrics to the Stevie Wonder song For Your Love.

All the gold in the world is nothing to possess
If all the things it can bring can't add up to one ounce of your happiness.

And for your love, I would do anything, 
Just to see the smile upon your face.
For your love, I would go anywhere.
Just you tell me and I'll be right there.

I could never have fathomed this.  
Such joy, love and tenderness that you give to me.
For the love I feel inside, it's so wonderful I can't hide.
And I glow, I glow, with just the though of you.
I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.

And for your love I would do anything
Just to see the smile upon your face.
For your love I would go anywhere.
Just you tell me and I'll be right there. 

Josh and Mel composed their own vows.  Their exchange was entirely joyful.

"... I will be your helpmate throughout life, always putting you first above my own needs, to make you glad to have married me this day." 

"... Josh, you are my best friend and my one true love, the one I will live with, dream with and love forever."

I loved the "where's the ring?" charade superbly enacted by the three groomsmen, watching Josh's parents subtly reach for each other's hand when I read an excerpt from The Blessing of the Hands, (it was a beautiful moment that I was very fortunate to observe), Mel's power ballad singing during the signing of the register and her brief moment of disappointment when she realised that their ceremony was nearly over.

The ceremony concluded with a love letter and wine presentation.  Mel and Josh placed letters they had written to each other in the days prior to the ceremony in a wooden box.  The letters detailed the qualities they had come to admire in each other and their hopes for their marriage.  The box also contained a bottle of Izway "Bruce" Shiraz - the wine they drank on the evening of their engagement.  The newlyweds shared a bottle that evening, while the other will be opened, together with their letters, on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary.

Congratulations Josh and Mel and thank you so much for the inviting me into your lives.  It was truly an honour planning and conducting a ceremony for such a happy, beautiful and thoroughly lovely couple.  xx 

(Hehe, yes, that's a life size cardboard cutout of the happy couple.  Mel and Josh thought their guests might enjoy posing with it while they were away having their bridal party photos taken.  Hilarious!)

Celebrant: Sally Hughes
Venue:  Potters Receptions
Photography: Jade Walton Photography
Mel's Dress: Connie Simonetti
Josh's Suit: Menz Mode Doncaster