I am a full-time Civil Celebrant, occasional classical singer, former business banker and happily married mother of two little girls.  As a wedding singer for over fifteen years I had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of ceremonies, however it wasn't until I was nearing the end of maternity leave with my first daughter that it occurred to me to make a career shift to celebrancy.

Observing hundreds of priests and celebrants for over a decade gave me a rare insight into how ceremonies were typically structured and presented. I had always held strong opinions about what I did and didn't like and how, given the chance, I would write and present ceremonies.  My "Ah-ha! moment" arrived whilst sitting in a chapel pew.  The following week I enrolled to become a celebrant and have never looked back.
I pride myself on delivering highly personalised and engaging ceremonies as I'm a firm believer that ceremonies should never be considered merely the "necessary part of the day". They should be interactive, interesting, enjoyable and memorable for both you and your guests.

I am friendly, attentive, organised and professional and my considerable experience in performance and public speaking ensures that I will deliver an engaging ceremony which reflects your personalities, values and vision.

I’ll never take for granted how fortunate I am to be invited into people’s lives and entrusted with such an important and very rewarding responsibility.  I get the best seat in the house and I’m so grateful for that!

Please contact me at any time to see if I'm available on your wedding day.  If so, I'd love to meet you for a drink and a chat.

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WINNER - ABIA Australian Marriage Celebrant of the Year

THREE TIME WINNER - ABIA Victorian Marriage Celebrant of the Year